Create websites in HTML, CSS and JS; let your clients update them
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We offer a user friendly CMS that everyone can use

HTML5 at the core, Your HTML is precious, you don't want a system that messes that up.


Create a fabulous design, add images, make CSS and JS files. This is the template.


Make the template editable by adding editable class to the HTML element your clients need to edit.

Easy does it

Use the template when creating pages and let ioCMS do the rest. Now your clients can edit the content

Less is more


Every website we build is powered by this one of a kind content management system.

Your website will look awesome on any device whether its a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.
With our CMS everybody is able to edit their own content. Its just like a text editor.
A new fresh look that totally fits into todays way of working on the web.

Search Engine Optimization

Automatically generate your sitemap and use your own metadata.

Website Analytics

See for yourself how many visitors your website has.

Custom Features

In need of a personal or customized feature? We can build that for you!


Useful Components

Combining the components below we could make the perfect website for you!


Gather all your pages and order them in a menu.


Pages is the main part of the website, every website needs them.


Start your own blog by posting now.


Users can be divided by group: admin, editor and visitor.


Collect all your images in galleries for a clear overview.


With calendars you can easily create an agenda.


Affordable Packages

All our packages include the use of our CMS, hosting and a domain.

Basic Plan

25Per Month

  • 3Features
  • 500GBTransfer
  • 512MBMemory
  • 20GBSSD
  • 1Hour CMS training
7 Days free Trial

Premium Plan

30Per Month

  • 4Features
  • 1TB Transfer
  • 1GBMemory
  • 30GBSSD
  • 2Hours CMS training
30 Days free trial

Gold Plan

40Per Month

  • 5Features
  • 2TBTransfer
  • 2GBMemory
  • 40GBSSD
  • 3Hours CMS training
30 Days free Trial

Explore Screenshots

Scroll through the images to get an impression.

Simple layout

Editing your content has never been this easy

Custom features

We can build custom features into the CMS if necessary


Our gallery component is perfect to show off your projects

Website Analytics

See for yourself how many visitors your website has

Search Engine Optimization

Automatically generate your sitemap and use your own metadata


Using our posts component everyone knows how to blog


Amazing Journey

After working with front-end developers/designers, we found out that less is more. Thats why we took the time and did the research. We implemented the most easy to use tools out there to make your life easier.

  • Mar, 13
    Playing around with frameworks and created an early version of our CMS.
  • Nov, 13
    Version 1 beta release.
  • Apr, 14
    The framework we used got discontinued so we had to update to a different framework.
  • Jul, 14
    Version 2 beta release.
  • Aug, 14
    We created our first website to receive feedback on our CMS
  • Sep, 14
    Another website was launched using our CMS
  • Feb, 01
    Company kickoff! Our own website live.
  • Feb, 06
    ioCMS kickoff! demo is live and our CMS ready for production.
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